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Hi there!
I'm an ordinary girl in a strange world~
However, I ♥ music, books, TV series & cinema.
My favourite thing to do is rambling and getting lost on my mind~
--- Teen wolf family
--- ϟ Harry Potter fan! ϟ
--- Keep calm and... live Superwholock's style.
Love is louder :)
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    TVXQ sex songs time

    Yunho:Crazy Life, Checkmate, Honey Bunny Funny
    Junsu:Xiahtic, Intoxication, TARANTALLEGRA, Turn It Up
    Jaejoong:Kiss B
    Changmin Heaven's Day
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Seriously though I can totally see this happening 


    Seriously though I can totally see this happening 

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    And there’s no soul able to change it.

    Because Kev, we’re family.

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    Jack + Loki + Elsa

    Artist: saebyeok913 (x)
    Translation: legendary-fangirl 
    (more trans here)

    Note: Please don’t delete the source on the photos or add your own watermarks on them. A link back to this page would be appreciated and never forget to include the source of the artist.

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