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Hi there!
I'm an ordinary girl in a strange world~
However, I ♥ music, books, TV series & cinema.
My favourite thing to do is rambling and getting lost on my mind~
--- Teen wolf family
--- ϟ Harry Potter fan! ϟ
--- Keep calm and... live Superwholock's style.
Love is louder :)
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    SS6  Frozen Madness

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    The amazing thing about the Toy Story trilogy is the fact that they waited 10 years to conclude the story, so that a story about nostalgia made you feel nostalgic towards the original content.

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    Another one? I thought we were done after Jude Law!

    “Robert you don’t even clean up after Mark Ruffalo, you are not bringing home another one.”

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    Thank you ’ Inspirit ‘ 

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    2woo having some fun (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

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    myungsoo’s breath hitched at the sight of bleeding sungyeol.
    the delinquent spits out the remaining blood on his lips before muttering, “thank god, you’re okay.”


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    most hd version of Infinite F’s Heart Beats Faster


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